Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

Keeping gardens healthy and attractive

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Landscape & Garden Maintenance

The secret to a healthy and appealing outside space is routine landscape and garden upkeep. Garden Landscapes offers a variety of garden management services to keep your plants, trees, and other landscaping elements looking their best.

We offer you the certainty of a magnificent, lush landscape thanks to its manpower, knowledge, and experience in plants, garden, lawn, and landscaping upkeep. We count hotels, resorts, residences, commercial complexes, government buildings, institutional facilities, amusement parks, and other businesses are among our clients.

Reliable Sevice

We strongly believe in high quality and reliable landscaping and greenery services to all our clients.

Experienced Pros

We have over 10 years of good customer service and top quality in the landscaping industry in Singapore.

Affordable Service

We provide an affordable and quality service, that is one reason why we have many regular customers.

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Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Creating a aesthetic and clean appeal, Garden Landscape makes a positive first impression and helps to maintain property value. Maintaining the landscape, whether it’s for a commercial or residential location, is a smart investment and can be a straightforward task.

Better Safety and Security

Fallen leaves and branches can cause structural damage to buildings, posing unanticipated risks. Furthermore, overgrown vegetation might cause people to slip and fall. As a result, maintaining a well-maintained landscape is crucial since it decreases the likelihood of accidents and improves the environment’s safety and security.

Healthier Plants

Failure to maintain your landscape has a severe impact on the health of your plants, making them more susceptible to pests and illnesses. As a result, it’s critical to keep your landscaping in good shape if you want your plants to thrive.

Saves You Money

Landscapes that aren’t maintained on a regular basis are more susceptible to illnesses and pest infestations, which can cause major damage to your plants. As a result, you might spend more money to fix the damage in the long term.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is landscape maintenance?

Landscape maintenance is performed to keep your landscape looking well. It usually includes lawn and lawn maintenance, cutting grass, mowing, pest control, fertilisation, and other services.

How much would landscape maintenance cost?

The expense of our garden and maintenance service is determined by criteria such as the scope of the work and the requirements of the site. Please call our customer staff for a precise price.

Would there be any issue if there is a height restriction in my condominium?

Don’t worry, we’ll take care of transporting your furniture and belongings from the lift lobby to our truck.

How long does it take for for the site survey to done?

Our usual survey takes about half an hour to complete. However, depending on the breadth of the operation, a thorough evaluation may take longer. We will provide you a quotation within the following 24 hours when our surveyors have completed their work.

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